Responsibility Statement

Responsibility of Practitioner

During your consultation, we will interpret your intake data, health history and lifestyle factors. Combining this information and our knowledge and experience, we will recommend an herb and/or supplement program to strengthen your body systems.  Our responsibility is to give you the best program possible.  Because every person’s body is different, it is not always possible give the perfect program the first time.   By reviewing your body’s response and making any necessary changes to your program, we will be able to help you meet your health goals.   This will require you doing your part.

Your Responsibility

Your role is to participate in this process.  Some people enter the alternative health after having exhausted all other means of regaining health and some people have already experienced the positive impact alternative health can have in their lives. No matter which of these you are, or even if you fall somewhere in between the two, you do not have to believe taking supplements or eating nutrient rich foods can help you feel better.  All you have to do is take them, eat accordingly, and do the following three things.

  1. You must stay in communication. If you have important questions, call me at ________________________________.  If you are experiencing any symptoms (nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, flu symptoms, dizziness, headache), it is important to call me.  It is my goal to give you a program that supports healing without unnecessary symptoms, but, if you have symptoms, do not take over-the-counter remedies. Call me.  (See information under “Healing Crisis.”) If I am unable to immediately answer the phone, simply leave a voicemail. I will always call you back as quickly as I can.
  2. You must follow the program you have chosen to the best of your ability.  The healing process is slow and gradual.  Your continued participation is more important than a dramatic change that only lasts a week or two. The first hurdle is to establish a habit of taking the supplements and eating nutrient rich foods daily.  The second hurdle is to learn to plan ahead and order supplements before you run out.  If money is an issue, ask me about working out a payment schedule.
  3. You must listen to your body and learn what heals and what does not.  Often we get sick because our attention is on everything else in our life … but our health.   We have forgotten to take care of our body.   If you have symptoms, your body needs attention.

It does no good to come in to see me, like bringing your car to the mechanic, and ask me to “fix it.”  With due respect, you’re the reason you’re not feeling well and you can best determine your path to health.  The Integrative Health professional with whom you are working is a resource.  We can teach you and give you information.  The choices and the responsibility are yours and yours alone.

You must learn to listen to your body.  You must respond to its needs for rest and proper nutrition.  Become a cooperative partner in your own life.  Many of us have had times when our body felt like a piece of baggage that we had to drag around.  At these times it may have felt that your body was on enemy.  Properly nourishing and caring for your body will help you overcome these feelings.


When your body is returning to a state of health, you feel it. The blood is pure and full of nutrition, circulation is improved and there is proper nerve force and sufficient rest. While it is my goal to avoid a crisis in healing, with exercise, a nutritious diet and sufficient rest, a healing crisis sometimes occurs.

The healing crisis is the result of an industrious effort by every organ of the body to eliminate waste and prepare for regeneration.  Through this constructive process, old tissue is replaced by new.  This crisis is recognized by a heavy elimination of mucus or catarrh.  The experience of a healing crisis is much like that of an illness, because the symptoms are similar.

But there is one important distinction . . . elimination.  In the healing crisis, the body has the energy and strength to eliminate the toxic wastes that caused past problems.  Your body will eliminate via the rectum, urinary tract, skin and lungs. It is important to allow this purification and not suppress the elimination with over-the-counter remedies.  A healing crisis is positive.  Better health is just around the corner, so hang in there.