Raise your hand if you’re a small business owner guilty of any of the following thoughts:

“I’ll just throw together a free website, just to have something there, but I’ll do all my real marketing on Facebook.”


“Do I really even need a website? I can just make a Facebook page and then book clients through one of those appointment scheduling sites.”


“I have no idea how to even get started making a website. I’ll just stick to what I know and use Facebook.”

If you’ve got your hand up, then let me tell you, first of all, that I get it. Marketing your business online is anything but simple, and building a website is about as intimidating as it gets. You’re full of doubts the whole way:

  • What should my domain name be?
  • Should I use a free site or pay for one?
  • Does it really make a difference?
  • Which design should I choose?
  • How many pages does it need?
  • Do I really have to fill all these pages with content?!
  • Is all this really even worth it?!!

Here’s the thing. Having a solid website is definitely worth it, and here’s why:

The right website will market your business for you far more effectively than any social media page or 3rd party site.

Sure, you can put your business info on a scheduling site, or post specials on a Facebook page – but neither format allows you to create a tool that actively works to bring in new leads and transform them into paying customers, 24/7/365. A website does.

Here’s how:

A website broadens your audience.

Ever heard of Google? If someone is searching for the service or product you provide online, their first stop is going to be Google. And Facebook pages and 3rd party scheduling site listings are more than likely not going to be on that first page of results. A well-crafted website, however, just might. Having a website gives more people the chance to find you.

And if you have a blog or some other form of educational or interesting content on your site, it allows you to use social media in a more strategic way – by sharing links to that content on your site, and thus getting more people to visit your site so they start to build a real relationship with your business.

A website gives people a reason to come back.

Let’s be honest – most people don’t go to a business’s Facebook page on a regular basis, just to see what’s new. And they’re certainly not checking out scheduling sites for kicks and giggles. But most people do visit their favorite blogs or other online resources on a regular basis. Having a site filled with useful or interesting information relevant to your target audience is the perfect way to get them coming back again and again – which allows you to market your business to them again each time, as well.

A website leads people through a sales funnel.

Once you’ve got all those leads checking out your site, the next step is to get them to start thinking about setting an appointment. This is where websites shine. By creating the right content and setting up your site just right, you can use your website to lead people through what’s called a sales funnel – a series of interactions with your site that convince them, step-by-step, to make that appointment.

The first time they visit your site, it might be to read a blog post. That creates awareness of your business. Then, they might sign up for your emails to get more of the same – those emails can send them to your site again and again. Each time, they deepen their connection to your business, and eventually, they’ll be drawn to check out your offerings. If you have the right information on the site, explaining each service or product you offer and showing why they’re better than the competition’s, they’re likely to be willing to take that next step to become a customer. So the final step in the sales funnel would be to provide an online form they can fill out to schedule that appointment right then and there on your website, before they have a chance to change their mind. And voila! A new customer, and all you had to do was set up your site and let it work its magic.

So now you might be saying, this is all well and good, but how on earth do I set up a site that does all that?

Luckily, you don’t have to be a coding whiz or shell out $10K or more to be able to get a beautiful, customized, and most importantly, effective website for your business. All you need to do is call IHP Biz ToolsFor only $149 down, and a shockingly affordable payment each month, we provide our clients with custom websites that include a built-in scheduling app, so your sales funnel is complete from start to finish. We do all the work, so all you have to do is show up for all those new appointments.

So get off of Facebook, and forget about those 3rd party scheduling sites. Your website should be doing the heavy lifting for you – and at IHP Biz Tools, we can start getting you set up and booking appointments today.