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What We Do

In our field of Integrative Health (IH), we believe there are simply too many companies that offer “slap-it-together” sites that in the end only look cheap and unprofessional. Just like third-party booking sites can make your business appear cheap and unprofessional.

So we decided to revolutionize the way real IH professionals like you present themselves and their business to the world … and we decided to do it better.

We don’t just sell products.
We sell experiences.

  • Customized Websites
  • Proprietary Booking Calendar
  • Business Consulting
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Convention & Event Management
  • Leadership
  • Training & Education

We Appreciate You

 We are a small, family owned business. We take pride in our clients and their accomplishments. We truly appreciate you and your business and we work hard to make certain your online presence is exactly what you want it to be.

You’re Valued

Our mission is to provide an outstanding user experience from the very first moment someone visits our website, all the way through to becoming our member and using our products.

We Understand You

We are committed to serve our clients consistently. We never stop trying to get into our visitors’ head to resonate with their needs and provide content and service they truly want.

Great Folks Who Love What We Do

“I am so glad that I was introduced to Cathy by one of our mutual massage therapy contacts! At the time, I thought I had a decent website. However, there was no call to action or reason for any website visitors to leave their contact information or really even schedule an appointment. I will happily say that now more than ever clients are sharing that they really love the new website and find it helpful in learning more about what my office offers. I would definitely encourage any professional to utilize what Cathy offers! She has been a fantastic support and has endless patience with all my questions! “

Kimberly Stumpf, LMT #03764
Harborview Health Wellness | Iowa

Cathy came along when I was really scraping to get new clients through the door. She listened (really listened) and asked a ton of questions. When she was done, my website was everything I wanted it to be, and then some. I live and work in a small town and it was amazing how fast the word got out about my website. I’m now one of the busiest therapists in the entire area and call on Cathy for business advice, too. She’s a great mediator and has gotten me through some interesting lessons. She is, overall, my business mentor and I’m proud to call her my friend. 

Darren Ryland, LMT #6861
Zachary Medissage | Louisiana

Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith

Naturopathic Doctor & Web Master

Everything Cathy knows about marketing comes from the many years of creating her own businesses. There were successes … as a Naturopathic Doctor and as a Continuing Education course creator; Cathy even had a business catering to exhibitors at trade shows.

But truth be known there were many failures along the path to IHP Biz Tools. She attempted and failed several times, but each time she failed, she tried to do it better the next time. As she started figuring out the psychology behind business and marketing, Cathy found her true passion in helping people.

She learned she could help someone no matter where they were in business or in health. As the years have passed, time has pulled her more and more toward helping people with their business and marketing … and she uses her expertise in holistic health to make certain her family stays well and happy.

Cathy is hungry to improve everything that falls into her hands. Every day, she tries to be and do better than the day before and she applies this principle to her business, social and family life.

She was already extremely driven and eager to have a successful online business; her head was full of product and service ideas. What she lacked was the technical know-how to make it all happen. So she went head-to-head with everything she could get her hands on and spent five years learning the ins-and-out of WordPress and mastering web design. Then she worked closely with a developer and the end result is IHP Biz Tools and her proprietary online booking calendar.

It is the result of over 20 years’ hard work … blood, sweat, and tears. And as a fellow-entrepreneur, I’m betting you can relate.

Nice to have someone in your corner who has walked down the same road … huh?

IHP Biz Tools Is Improving Everyday, Attempting To Be Ahead Of Our Competitors So You Can Focus On What You Love.

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Like most other entrepreneurs, we seem to always be working. Drop us a line anytime.
St Francisville LA 70775
(North of Baton Rouge)
(225) 784 – 2168

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Reach Us

Like most other entrepreneurs, we seem to always be working. Drop us a line anytime.
St Francisville LA 70775
(North of Baton Rouge)
(225) 784 – 2168

Leave A Message